UV Coating for Metal

UV coating for metal is the ideal way to apply custom colors to metal while also providing additional protection. It is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics of metal while increasing insulation, scratch-resistance, wear-protection and more. Better yet, with Allied Photo Chemical’s latest UV coating technologies, it is easy to quickly apply the coating to metal objects of all sizes with minimal drying times.
Benefits of UV Coating for Metal
Coatings greatly improve metal products and packaging. A custom UV coating service offers many unique benefits.
Enhanced protection against scratching and wear
Short drying times
Improved production times
Immediate quality control feedback
Numerous color and finish options
Tailored end-product design
Compared to conventional coating methods, UV coating is also more environmentally friendly and safe. Using water-based coatings and ultraviolet curing means that our technologies are non-toxic. It is the better option for your team members and the world around you. The fast curing time helps ensure excellent coverage, evenness and light stability. These benefits make UV coating great for both commercial and industrial applications.
How it Works
Traditional coating processes require curing as solvents evaporate, allowing the coating to harden. With UV curing, this process is accelerated to being almost instantaneous. Metal is typically coated with a water-based solution that is cured using an ultra-violet light. We also offer 100-percent coating and solvent-based options. As a leading coating manufacturer, we are always improving our offerings with the latest technologies. This has helped us to ensure rapid and even coating for metal products. UV coating is ideal for aluminum cans, packaging and similar items. It is also an excellent choice for applying protection and color to metal components. We also offering UV coating services for plastic, wood, paper and concrete. Allied Photo Chemical has all your coating needs covered.

Post time: Jun-12-2024